5 Best Beginners Sewing Machine to buy 2018

If you just identify the need to have your first sewing machine, you must have been considered the purpose, expertise, and affordability for buying the best beginners sewing machine. Without considering these factors, you are risking your decision. Using a machine for the first time is always intimidating and fun for the sewer. But lots of buttons, programs, and complex systems may turn your happiness into nightmare, especially if you don’t have too much experience. The manufacturers don’t want to hurt the relationship between stitching machine and a newbie that’s why they have produced perfect sewing machines for the novice users.

An ideal learner machine will not just reduce your working time but you can create lots of diversified jobs to give your project new dimensions and have ways to eliminate tensions and bringing more bucks to your pockets. Since you already know basics of the sewing machine; a mediocre stitchery would be an ultimate choice.

Remember the more you are willing to pay the more advanced features you can add to your device. An expert often advises on prioritizing the speed of the machine, automatic threading functionality, and one-stop button-hole which will eliminate the complexity and it’ll maximize the user-friendliness. So in this guide, we have covered some best sewing machines which are highly optimized according to user’s need and budget.

Types of Sewing Machine for new sewers:

Depending on different skill set there are various types of the sewing machine available on the market. According to the intention and the place to use we have outlined three different types the machines for your better understanding.


  • Mechanical Sewing Machines: This kind run by electrical power and simplest to use. There are no preprogrammed functions and buttons to guide or command. It’s also called the manual version of sewing machine where the user needs to fix or adjust the process according to own need. Basically, new sewers can practice with this trial and error machine. These inexpensive machines are ideal to start the learning curve. You can use this one for a long time with little maintenance and care.
  • Electronic Sewing Machines: This is the upgrade version of the previous type with some added features. Though it’s run by electricity, the inbuilt electric circuit enhances power optimization and eliminates the risk of power disruption. Besides its intriguing characteristics, you have to cut your pocket a bit if you want to buy this kind of sewing machine. Features like automatic threading, tension controls of these machines can save your time.


  • Computerized Sewing Machine: These are the most advanced type of sewing machine in the markets. Manufacturers are integrating high tech software and pre-set features so that beginners can operate or command smoothly as well. Incorporated different stitching styles, auto needle threader, pressure foot control, LCD control panel will reduce your stress of completing ventures efficiently and these functions are really suitable for both beginners and advance skill set sewer. Therefore, while choosing a sewing machine if you’re experienced sewer, you can choose the one with better functionality or else pick beginner type.


Recommended Top 5 Beginner Sewing Machines under $300:

Doing creative works is exciting all the time. By being serious about choosing a machine with a “talk to me” features, you may aim at top rated products without knowing how much you can use that extraordinary advance functions. Definitely sewing machines have diverse features to meet user’s need started from basic to pro skill level. Therefore, we want you to prioritizing your desire to use a certain feature.

To reduce your dilemma, we have researched lots of products with different attributes and finalize top 5 in our checklist depending on the below criteria.

  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Convenience
  • Costs

Since we don’t want you to be discouraged, we have chosen market’s best sewing machine and the lists are:

  1. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate:

This particular model is very powerful and dedicated to producing enormous stitching capacity of 1,100 stitches per minute. The automatic motor allows minimizing the project completion time and sewing through tough or heavier fabrics. SINGER 4411 is not just a straight stitching machine; rather it has 11 built-in stitching programs and 4 steps button-holes to simplify your projects. The pressure foot includes 4 purposes and these are general zipper, buttonhole and button sewing.

This heavy-duty machine is compatible with executing many assignments as a tent, car upholstery, quilts and furniture covers. Often newbies require to work with certain material which needs manual adjustments of the machine’s foot pressure. In this particular model, you can raise or reduce the pressure which will be perfect according to the thickness of fabrics. The lack of automation can be eliminated by its speed, so this is a good deal. Others features are:

  • 60% stronger motor
  • Internal metal frame to ensure durability
  • Skip-free sewing experience
  • Smooth fabric feed by SS blade plate
  • Bobbin can easily be loaded
  • Clear cover to view thread supply
  • Big accessory tray for storing

SINGER 4411 is a perfect beginner tool on our list and it’s committed to delivering you better quality stitches. This easy to use device will definitely surprise you with its additional functions.


  1. SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD:

Again this is another great inclusion in SINGER’s product line. 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized sewing machine is one of the great performers from huge lists we have tested. Compared to the traditional model, this will satisfy you with technology and easy operating system particularly for the new sewers. Within 100 different inbuilt needlework, you can adjust the sewing speed in accordance with your need. Besides fresh sewers, this Free-Arm Sewing Machine is also ideal for advanced sewers.

As a new sewer, you can save lots of time with 7 automatic Buttonhole and needle threader which can perform the job by 6 seconds. If you are looking for hassle-free sewing experience, this beginners machine is just ideal for you. SINGER 7258 is versatile with it’s up/down functionality of needles and surprisingly in this affordable budget you are flexible to select optimum speed just by pressing the button.

  • You can make easy but different decorative pattern
  • Adding zippers to any garments are very easy
  • Automatic button-hole foot to sew button effortlessly
  • Inbuilt rolled hem foot
  • Unique thread tension selector
  • Auto-pilot function for long sewing

The access to change the speed in terms of your need is an important feature which is good for beginners. Besides, 4.4 Amazon rating where 73% people have 5 starts ratings 7258 Stylist is one of our favorite.


  1. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches:

Easy to use and valuable feature integrated Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine with 60 Built-In Stitches will impress the beginner surely. The oversized table of this machine will help you to deal with big projects. The accessories like monogramming, zigzag, zipper and button fitting feet’s functionality will enhance your strength to deal with the challenging jobs. From 60 inbuilt stitches, you can choose according to your need, which will save a lot of time. The machine is so powerful that even you can sew Jeans garments by choosing right needles and speed.

You can carry the machine to anywhere with its hand carry case. The LCD display with readable backlit, automatic needle threader, and of course the threading diagrams are easy to follow. Without using the foot control, you can start or stop the machine. The ultra-portable machine is of 6 kg weight and dimensions of 16″ x 6.7″ x 11.4″. The forward and reverse sewing functions allow new users to continue work without interruption.

Other imperative features are

  • The top drop-in bobbin is jam free and can be set quickly
  • LCD display stitch selector
  • Sewing speed can be controlled
  • Threading process is simple (you just have to follow numbers)
  • Needle will be threaded automatically
  • Super bright light to work on dark materials

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich is very user-friendly and flexible which offers different kinds of sewing and quilting functions at such a low price.


  1. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine:

The searching for best beginner sewing machine may end here if you go through the features and functionality of this Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing machine. This resourceful device has been built to give maximum support to the new sewers especially those who have a fascination in embroidery. The projects of making coats, hats, handbags, pillows or anything you might think of can easily be completed with this quality embroidery machine. In short, you can say; if you can imagine the project, you can make it only by this machine.

Inbuilt 70 embroidery design and 67 stitching styles will save your job time. The easy backlit LCD display with 5 lettering fonts gives you maximum readability. Actually, you can upgrade other hundreds of designed just by connecting with computers. Cutting of top and bobbin thread became effortless as you are getting one-touch thread cutter.

  • Bobbin-winding system is very simple to prepare bobbins promptly
  • Threading in bobbin is very convenient
  • Can import and download many new designs
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Editable built-in design and view tutorials
  • 7-points feed dogs for perfect assistance

This good learning tool is going to be the best bet for novice users for its wide range of functions and competitive but lower price compared to another brand out there.


  1. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine:

With 4.6 positive customers rating on Amazon, Janome 2212 Sewing Machine will be on the top of the lists for the learners. Extremely easy to operate and aesthetic clean design are the main facts for preferring this tools over other manufacturers. Though the features are so simple, the machine is capable of handling complex projects. Regular maintenance and with little taking care, you can use this machine for many years. 17 x 9 x 13.5 inches dimensions can be fitted in any standard table and the 16 pounds weights will never slow you down to carry the device to sewing classes.

Less computerized features to eliminate complex process. The sewing tool is durable as the infrastructure has been built with quality materials. For longer sewing session when you have to work at night the built-in incandescent lamp will be extremely helpful. Few extra features are:

  • Pattern selection dial easy to operate
  • 12 built-in stitches for simple selection
  • Adjustable width and length of stitches
  • Free motion sewing and quilting

Janome 2212 is an all-around and budget-friendly beginner machine. The features like variable stitch length and 4 steps button-hole have made this device perfect for the new sewers.


Things you must consider before buying your first sewing machine:

In earlier reading, we have already guided you to pick the right sewing machine for your starter project. Beside from these, if you take into consideration some additional factors which are easily available in both mechanical and computerized machines, that will help you to reassure your valuable investment.

Design and infrastructure: While working definitely you need a space to keep it. So the machine’s design should not affect the available space of your apartment. Besides the size of the project, you should compare the design of the sewing machine to fit while handling a project.

Reviews and ratings: Actual user feedbacks are the real criticism of any product. So go through the user comments section of all products thoroughly to understand what experience they share, good or bad regarding any model. Easily you can notice if the brand achieves success in maintaining the reputation of their offerings by checking out the reviews.

Speed controllability: If you have some experience in stitching, you should look for adjusting the speed and stitch length so that according to your job, you can control. This controlling can be done by simple buttons and slides.

Durability and flexibility: When any other members of your family are planning to use the same machine, you probably buy something which you can use for a long period. Therefore, for such cases pick a machine of heavy duty nature or longevity models.

Adjustable Stitch Length: Inbuilt adjustable stitch length is a valued feature to reduce working hassle while sewing. But to get this function, you may have to put extra pressure in your pocket.

Affordability and outcomes: Finally, the last option you must have to think of is the “price”. If you can decide “what do you expect from a beginner machine and how much you are ready to spend for it”, will definitely help to narrow down your decision. The main idea is to pick an ideal sewing machine which will fulfill your desires.

So prioritize those important factors before finalizing to buy the best sewing machine for beginners.


Sewing at any stage of life is fascinating, exciting and lots of fun whatever your skills are. The most challenging thing for a new sewer is to choose from wide variety of options.

Spend adequate time in researching best brands and functions so that you feel confident to buy your beginner sewing machine and can enjoy without any inconvenience. For easy selection, we have covered the above 5 models which passed our tests of accuracy and speed. All reviewed sewing machines have enough features to handle larger projects and all are very much cost effective and have excellent end-user ratings.

Remember an excellent sewing machine should poses bellow characteristics

  • A good learning experience
  • Easy setup
  • Enough functionality and versatility

Lastly for further assurance judge all possible functionality in accordance with your need and pocket size to eliminate your risk of investment.

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