Best Leather Sewing Machine Review Guide 2018

Leather is considered one of the most stylish Material when considering hi-end fashion or clothing. But in a simple sentence, this fabric is really difficult to work with. These types of products are durable in nature but at the same time these are tough to produce without error. Due to its thickness, it creates resistance in proper stitching and many times the project ended up with stuck-on needles. The more complicated the stitching pattern more you have to deal with the sewing obstacles. So in order to covenant with leather, you will need a sewing machine which is capable of handling extra force while doing needlework in hard materials. So it’s like, if you can manage the best sewing machine, creation of custom leather products will be easier. A heavy duty stitchery machine is perfect for sewing on canvas, sails, jeans, and leather fabrics.


Which sewing machine you require for leather items mainly depends on the kinds of project you are handling, the complexity and degree of precision you desire. That’s why to reduce your strain; we are here to help you in finding best leather sewing machine which will suit all your desire.



5 Best Leather Sewing Machines in Our Checklist:


Not like the other fabric, there is basically no do over after your machine sews a leather item. Perhaps you may require choosing another resource right after the mess happened to your stitching. Every wrong stitch will leave creating a hole in your fabric and you have to incur extra expenditure to complete your job. Though e-shopping is much easier, picking the best source of many commodities may be tricky especially if you are unaware of the standard about the commercial markets.


An expert sewer may easily be tricked by some complex sewing machine advertising jargons. Then what about the new sewers? Besides, the newbie will be in a dilemma regarding the best sewing machine for leather items from the manufacturer. So, to give you error free shopping experience, we have planned this product reviews with most sophisticated, top rated, user-friendly and premium quality output driven high-line leather sewing machines so that you be able to select your best match.


  1. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 18 Built-In Stitches + Hard Case:


This mechanical machine is one of the top choices among consumers who mostly deal with leather materials. Janome HD3000 is a well-known heavy duty machine brand in the US because of its ability, durability, and reliability. The 1.0 amp motor will make your job easier by stitching up to 3 layers thickness of your fabric. When you’ll create hem cuffs it won’t slow down. You can smoothly change the stitching option from built-in 18 decorative stitching styles just from your sewing setting dial which is placed in front of your sewing setting dial.


The infrastructure has been built with high-quality durable materials and it’s constructed so well that it will hardly shake while sewing thick and layered materials. Internal structured are created by strong metal and to reduce the weight, manufacturer covers the external part with highly durable plastic. The full rotary bobbin system ensures free movement stitch and five pressure fit restricts the bouncing. Besides, you’ll get a smooth sewing and there is adequate space to store extra sewing accessories. The inclusion of thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors. Some other important features of this machine are:


  • Automatic bobbin winding system to save time
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Auto adjustable thread tension
  • Front leaver to reverse the stitching
  • Extra high-pressure foot lift
  • Controllable foot pressure
  • Lightweight
  • Max stitch length is 4mm & width is 5 mm
  • Quilting bar
  • 7 pieces of feed dogs



  1. Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine:


If you regularly need to perform quilt, where the machine should have the strength to stitch through a thicker fabric, you’ll require “Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting” stitchery machine which will not let your project failed by following the pattern properly. This specific sewing machine is very powerful for quilting of all shapes and sizes. The automatic thread cutter allows smooth quilting without compromising the quality. Hands-free pressure adjustments and incredible speed ensure its durability.


PQ1500SL is a straight stitching machine but in this mid-range affordable price, it’s quite difficult to find a great device like this which is specialized in stitching through layered materials like leather. The 4 feed dog settings ensure you can work with different types of fabrics. In most of the machine you won’t find the features of auto needle threader and flawless straight stitching, but in Brother PQ1500SL, you’ll get both the functions at a time. Some other important functions are:


  • Capable of producing 1500 stitches per minutes
  • Extra grips for 4 steps settings
  • Controllable drop feed
  • Flexible zipper foot
  • Built-in electric motor to position needle automatically
  • One button to wind bobbin perfectly
  • Free motion quilting
  • Knee lifter to adjust tension
  • Adjustable thread tension dial
  • Adjustable stitch length regulator



Overall it’s an ideal machine for heavy quilters as it helps to reduce your tension of managing, getting great speed and the ability to produce great works in tough materials.



  1. SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine:


When you are looking for a heavy-duty metal frame and professional speed for completing the projects faster, SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine would be an ideal choice. This model ensures that you won’t have to skip stitches while sewing on thicker fabrics like leather. The infrastructure is made of heavy duty metal which will help the device to remain still. This true workhouse can just sew anything you throw at it.



Whenever you need to finish your projects faster, the automatic needle threader will facilitate you by producing 1,100 stitches per minute. Drop in bobbin system is convenient to insert and remove. Besides you can monitor thread supply through the see through cover. It’s a perfect clothing construction solution for 6 basic, 4 stretch and 12 decorative stitches. The one-step buttonhole is a wonderful function to complete crafts and any other home decoration.


  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Dialer to adjust length or width of stitching
  • Easy to use for beginner or a regular sewer
  • Foot control pedal to regulate the speed
  • Instant pressure foot releaser
  • Large storage for accessories
  • High presser foot lifter
  • Can make ideal buttonhole


Though Singer 4423 is being marketed as heavy duty, it’s capable of doing the stitching in low noise. The built-in LCD gives you enough light that you may not require the additional lighting arrangement. This is absolutely a value for money tool.


  1. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine:


If you need serious quilting with reasonably high speed, then JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine is a great resource for every quilter and even for the new sewers to use it at home. The strongest feature of this machine is to sew through any types of fabrics with ultimate perfection. The attachable motor can produce 1500 stitches per minute which facilitates to complete your toughest projects less than the required time.


This TL-2000Qi Quilting Machine has flexible extension table so that you can adjust according to your workspaces. To fix the speed, variable foot controls will let you manage the stitching speed. The automatic bobbin winder and needle threader provide you great flexibility in your work. When you are about to lower or raise the pressure foot, you won’t require the support of your hand. Rather, with knee lifter, you easily can control lifting or rising up to 12mm. Let’s look at its features at a glance:



  • You don’t have to deal with stitch skipping or thread nesting
  • Responsive foot pedal to control speed
  • Stitches fast without any error
  • Can stitch in 8 layered denim
  • Build with die-cast aluminum frame
  • Adjustable thread tension scale
  • Easily transportable
  • Needles up or down controller
  • Inbuilt LED light for better visibility



JUKI TL-2000Qi is an excellent machine for your budget. It’s competent in producing marvelous stitches with great speed. This workhouse machine is a blend of all necessary features which are needed to sew different types of leather related fabrics with the best performance.


  1. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate:


Faster result and professional speed of 1,100 stitches per minute are the reasons of SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine to become a top choice manufacturer brand. When it comes to heavyweight metal frame there is a risk of skipping stitches frequently but it’s infrastructure let the machine remain still so that it can produce skip-free sewing. While sewing, the SS bed plate ensures smooth feeding of the thicker fabric.


Clear cover and easy load bobbin system allow error-free stitching. This practical model is equipped with special covers to protect it from dust. Besides leather, SINGER 4411 is capable of tackling a wide range of heavy duty works like denim, quilting, vinyl, upholstery, webbing, and overcoat fabric. Other extra attributes that will make you love this fancy device are:


  • The motor is 60% stronger
  • Adjustable pressure foot to glide fabrics
  • 4 step buttonholes and all are automatic
  • 11 Built-In options for utility stitches
  • Inbuilt reverse stitching
  • Large storage for accessories
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Changeable 3 needle positions


To get an error-free job this affordable and inexpensive machine will be a solid performer for all types of sewers.






Things You Should Consider Before Buying Perfect Leather Sewing Machine:



Since the wide variety of choices may affect the buying decision and investing in the wrong one could turn out expensive for some. So, it’s important to all attributes before making an ideal investment. Besides, there are always some important features which need to be present in your final selection. Below we have arranged a brief of those some important factors:


Speed: To finish professional projects in time, all better quality leather sewing machine needs to have a top speed of 1000 stitches per minute. And this is an important aspect of handling larger projects. A built-in speed regulator would be much preferable to control speed whenever you feel necessary.


High-pressure foot lift: This function allows you to stitch over intersecting seams. Another way, it facilitates placing your work under the foot.


Strength and Durability: Powerful motor, metal frames infrastructures give better durability even for heavy usage. You can use heavy duty machine for years.


Controlling mechanism: Since leather is thicker or multi-layered fabric, then you may need some additional controlling power especially if you are a beginner. So try those sewing machines which will stand still in sewing thicker materials.


Affordability: From a variety of brands try to choose budget-friendly according to your need or workloads. You also may have to dig deep into your pockets depending on what special or unique features you are asking for.



Choosing the right leather sewing machine will make a smooth ride to complete your desired projects more smoothly. So carefully identify your need and compare the details of short list of leather sewing machine to make your sewing time happier.



Your Preferable Place to Get Best Buying Experience:


Peoples put lots of time and effort into deciding where to buy. The online buying experience has made our life convenient and cost-effective. While choosing stores, brand and model end users are always looking for affordability, easiness, and efficiency which are the top motivators to get positive feelings. The “Amazon era” is on the top lists of bringing any products to home. It allows customers to research real user reviews, costs and knowing other available brand’s features also. main factors for why you should buy from Amazon are listed below


Affordable price range: While comparing with other selling platforms, Amazon doesn’t privilege merchants to offer hidden price. Amazon lowers the costs of goods on different occasions to get best price always.


Reviews from actual user: Seller doesn’t guarantee the actual product benefits but the end user can tell about the real taste of goods. In Amazon, you’re getting the opportunity to read actual reviews of your desired products and basically, it’s reducing your chances to get bluffed (literally).


One stop shopping solution: Amazon sales almost all type of goods with a wide range of variety and brands to satisfy the customer’s desire. This is truly complete shopping place to order anything you think of. So, you can easily compare same products with other brands to get more knowledge and able to take the right decision.


Easy return policy: By any chance, if you are not satisfied or manufacturer mistakenly shipped other brand’s products, you can easily return with RMA and shipping label. Amazon will replace or credit the amount to your account as soon they receive the returned goods.


With all important factors buying or ordering products from Amazon will surely increase your happiness in the shopping experience.





The best type of leather sewing machine will reduce your stress in producing stitches in multi-layered fabric. It won’t go wrong if you are aware of the ins and outs, the parts, types, and brands. Your product should demonstrate your need and off-course the affordability is also important. This guide is designed to eliminate the risk of loss. After researching and comparing hundreds of models with specifications these 5 are the top in our wish-list which will definitely fit your budget, needs, and preferences. But if you still confused then go through the final verdicts.


  • Look for powerful motors with reduction gear systems and ribbed drive belts to work best on thicker materials
  • Choose well-constructed machine
  • Better walking foot to get skip-free stitching experience
  • Compatible with sewing light, medium, and heavy fabrics as well
  • If budget is not an issue go for advanced features


Try to balance the combination of affordability, needs, and functions to make your sewing projects exclusive, exquisite and successful.

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