Brother SE400 sewing machine review

Brother SE400 Sewing Machine has suppressed all others contemporary machine because of its Computerized Embroidery system. The machine combines the technology, creativity and art. The machine is excellent for both experienced sewers and newbie. Although the machine is packed with features, the main focus of the machine is Embroidery Sewing. By using the machine, you will be able to do varieties of Embroidery sewing.

Embroidery Sewing Patterns
What a splendid item it is! The built-in embroidery design is excellent. There are lots of natural design such as the basket of flower, rose, animal, plants, and birds, etc. You will have auto direction from the machine after selecting the one item. There is also thread color section. The LCD display will show how long it will take to finish every step of the function.

Include your chosen embroidery design
On top of the built-in designs this machine allows you to include your own design. As the opportunity is available, you can include your desired design either by using card reader slot on the side of the sewing machine or by using USB connection. The machine has both the system, you can choose whichever is convenient.

Use the frame pattern for embroidery designs
There are many frame patterns which are built-in, you can use any of them. You will have square, diamond, circle frame pattern. The machine has 120 built-in frame pattern. Use your chosen font during setting embroidery function from 5 built-in font styles.

There are different types of font to create the embroidery. You have the option to select the good sized font. At the time of selecting font, you must bring under consideration the thread and fabric color combination. As fonts are available in three sizes: small, medium and large, you can choose the font according to your choice and design requirement.

Built-in Sewing Stitches
The Brother SE400 has built-in 67 sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions. The various types of stitches help you to make cloths, quilting, hemming jeans. making bags and different materials. A lot of stitches are included in the function such as Quilting, Eyelet, Decorative, Heirloom stitches, Zigzag, Overcasting and others.


Touch Screen Controls

This is also another impressive function of this embroidery machine. It has a LCD touch screen. Just by touching the LCD monitor, you can select any of your wanted design. The built-in software controls everything of the machine.

  • Sewing, quilting, embroidering ; imagine and create with this machine
    • One-touch automatic thread cutter
    • 25-year limited warranty,
    • Plus 4-inch-by-4-inch embroidery capabilities
    • Utilize comprehensive sewing functions,
    • Available 70 built- in embroidery designs,
    • Easy-to-view touch screen LCD
    • The way of importing a lot of embroidery designs

If you want to have more function about the machine, you can know the chance is available.


Q: What is the purpose of including the Speed control slider?

Ans: The speed control speed slider is included based on two purposes one is to control the maximum sewing speed during start and stop, the other purpose is to adjust the stitch width.

Q: How does the preset setting work?

Ans : In the machine, there are a lot of preset function. By using the preset function, you can perform much work automatically.

Q: What types of keys are available for the machine?

Ans : There are different types of machine available such as Embroidery Key, Seta nags Key, Sewing Stitch Key, Help Key and others.

Q: What is the exceptional feature of the machine?

Ans : The SE400 sewing machine covers a lot of exceptional features.
Some are too impressive. Among these, using two needles for sewing in a parallel way is impressive.

Consumer Reviews

Before knowing any product minutely, you must go through the reviews of the customers so that it makes the buyer clear. Undoubtedly, we can say firmly that the machine is fully functional.

When you go to know the review, you will have almost positive reviews. In their comments, you will find the user interaction and core function of the machine. Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine is obviously extra- ordinary.

Sam. M., Verify died Purchaser, has mentioned that the Brother SE400 Combination swing machine has 67 built-in stitches and five lettering front and seven integrated design.

The machine is fully addictive; there is a few embroidery machine like this. Besides, there are many reviews, you will have the main product page so that you can use it.

Final verdict:

The Brother SE400 is for both beginner and advanced sewer. As the machine is fully functional, the expert can utilize the function and can have double and triple output using the machine, on the others hand, the fresher can use this because of its automatic function. The embroidery machine is based on software included LCD monitor. All the features are easy to learn and implement. What types of works need professional or passionate; you can perform the works correctly using the Brother-SE400-Combination-Computerized-Embroidery machine.

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