Brother XL2600I Free-Arm Sewing Machine Review

Do you like to have an ideal sewing machine? You can have the Brother XL2600I. The machine is ideal for home decor, pillow cases, and own cloths. There are a lots of great reviews about the sewing machine all over the world. Actually this machine’s outstanding features bring out these great reviews.

Features and Benefits

The Brother XL2600I is one of the most user friendly machines. The machine suits both beginner and advanced level sewers. The device is inexpensive and easy to use. You will have almost all required features although the price is incredibly low.

The automatic needle threaded is another important feature of this sewing machine. The machine also provides 25 built-in-stitches, which is effective to perform different types of the project such as making cloth, crafting and quilting. This sewing machine gives you lots of convenient features such as drop-in bobbin style, automatic bobbin winding system, built-in thread cutter, jam resistant bobbin etc. Each and every feature of the sewing machine makes you perform the most important role in the spheres of sewing.

It is the important to know all the features of the sewing machine before selecting one. Different features will benefit you in different ways, so take look what are those features:

  • 25 built-in stitches are available in the machine.
    • Multiple stitch functions are helpful for beginner and advanced user.
    • Built-in accessory storage available
    • Drop-in bobbin loading, thread cutter are available.
    • 110-volt machine with foot pedal;
    • Have one affordable Free Arm sewing machine.

The Brother XL2600i is fit for everyone, specially, if you are a beginner and you have to work with small projects, you can use the machine.


While you compare it with other machines considering the features it has it will be very easy to understand why this is called an affordable machine.

Brother is a trusted brand, so the user can easily have the sewing machine as a trusted one. The Brother 25-Stitch XL2600I machine covers the expectation of the user. So making a buying decision is easy.

Quiet and smooth machine
Performance of this machine is quiet and smooth. It is also a compact machine. It is lightweight comparing to others. So carrying is easy. As it’s a compact one, it does not take much space and you can set up this machine within small space.

Customer Reviews:
Let’s take a look what verified purchasers do think about the machine and what they say actually about the product. So that we can also have the overall idea about it.

Russell, one of the verified purchaser says that she just learned how to sew, she had never owned a sewing machine.
She also mentioned that The Brother XL2600I Sew advance is one of the great and amazing machines.
Ellison, another verified purchaser, referred to that the machine is one of the best one. The machine has been the reason of changing her earlier machine.

Q: Is Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine expensive?
A: No, The sewing machine is affordable in the comparison to other machines.

Q: who can use this machine?
An: The machine is perfect for a newbie. If you plan to do home decor or work with small projects, the machine is for you. But if you have to deal with the large multidimensional projects, the machine may not be fit for you.

Q: which are the convenient feature of the machine?
A: The machine is convenient because of its smooth functionality such as easy needle threaded, buttonhole, and drop in bobbin.

Final verdict

Which sewing machine you will like actually depends on what you want to accomplish with it. If you want to perform the heavy-duty project with the machine, it may not give you the optimum result. Rather if you are a newbie, or you want to complete home decor or want to work on small projects. The machine is for you. However, it is better to take the decision after exploring all the features and read out the reviews of the actual users.

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